To determine if your charge will result in points on your driver’s license please click the Ky Dept of Transportation site here.  There are a couple of options to avoid having points assessed on your driver’s license:

  1. COUNTY ATTORNEY TRAFFIC SAFETY PROGRAM (CATS): A program offered by the County Attorney that by completing, your charge will be dismissed and no points will be assessed. This program is available to you if you are charged with a moving violation in Kenton County and if your driving history is relatively clean. Each application will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the County Attorney.
    • How the program works:
      • Individuals must enroll at least one week before their court date. You can sign up for the program by visiting www.catsprogram.com or by calling (859) 491-0600. Once the application and fee are submitted, the County Attorney will review the request.
      • If approved, an email will be sent to the applicant along with instructions on how to complete the program. Upon successful completion of the course, your case will be dismissed and you will not need to appear in court or pay your ticket. Nor will your driving record be assessed points for the violation. If you fail you will need to contact the County Attorney’s office for further consideration.
      • The cost for the CATS program is $170 which is paid instead of any fines and court costs.
  2. STATE TRAFFIC SCHOOL– A program offered by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet only for those who have a Kentucky driver’s license. By selecting the State Traffic School option you are pleading guilty to the charge, but by completing the program you will avoid having points assessed on your driver’s license. You can only be referred to State Traffic School once within a twelve-month period.
    • To sign up for State Traffic School you must submit a payment to the Circuit Clerk’s Office in the amount of $134 along with a request from you indicating you wish to attend, prior to the court date listed on your citation. If you were charged with more than one offense, please call our office as the amount of $134 only pertains to cases involving only one charge, so there could be an additional amount owed.
    • For options under the State Traffic School Program click here.
    • **** Do not sign up until you have received your referral. ***

Failure to complete State Traffic School after requesting to do so will result in a suspension of your driver’s license.