A child custody, support and/or visitation is usually filed as a “CI” case unless paternity is an issue. If paternity is an issue, then it is usually filed as a “J” case.

There is a filing fee and an additional fee for service of process depending upon the service method you choose.  All cases also require a Civil Case Cover Sheet which can be found here.

When filing for custody, support or visitation you may find it helpful to review the Family Court Rules of Procedure and Practice for Kenton County. 

The Ky Access to Justice Commission has created a guided interview process that allows you (for free) to print out forms for a Petition for Guardianship of a Minor that you can file in our court.  You may find that process here.  If you want to modify your child support you can find that guided interview here.

The Children’s Law Center in conjunction with Chase College of Law and the Ky. Bar Foundation have created a pro se (do it yourself) custody/parent packet.  You may find it on their website by clicking here.

Filing Fees (unless accompanied by a Motion for Leave to Proceed In Forma Pauperis):

           $198.00 + service fee(s).

For a full fee schedule click here.

  • To schedule a court date please contact the Judge’s office.
    • Judge Beck’s Office          5th Division    (859) 292-6364
    • Judge Schoborg’s Office 2nd Division    (859) 292-6533
    • Judge Rauf’s Office           6th Division   (859) 291-9384

You may find this link helpful:
Cabinet for Health and Family Services – Child Support Enforcement 

***Reminder – Our office is prohibited from providing legal advice. You may contact the Northern Kentucky Bar Association (Lawyer Referral Service) @ (859781-1525 or Legal Aid of the Bluegrass (Civil Legal Assistance) @ (859) 431-8200, or contact a private attorney for further information.