Name changes may be done for both adults and minors.

  • You may find the Probate Handbook helpful for more detailed information.
  • The Ky. Access to Justice Commission has created a guided interview form that you can print out here or you can use the forms below.

Filing Fees (unless accompanied by a Motion for Leave to Proceed In Forma Pauperis): $118.50 plus service fees


Petition for Name Change – Form AOC-295

Waiver of Recording – Form AOC-040

All cases also require a Civil Case Cover Sheet which can be found here.

The order for name change is not available online but will be provided at time of filing.

  • Once a case is filed, and processed by a deputy clerk, it is then forwarded to the judge’s office for ruling, if the petition is for the name change of an adult.

Special filing requirement for name change of a minor

  • If the petition is for the name change of a minor and both biological parents have not signed the petition, a mandatory hearing date is scheduled.  The petitioning parent must serve the other parent by certified mail or personal service of the attempt to change the child’s name and also provide them with the assigned court date, location and time.

Name Change Hearings are held on Monday afternoons.  Please refer to the paperwork provided during filing for your scheduled date, time and location.

A name change petition for a child may be filed in Family Court when having a case before it involving the family. When filed in an active circuit or juvenile case there is no filing fee for the name change petition. KRS 401.020.  If the case is not active, a re-opening fee may be necessary.

If the petition is granted, the signed order will then be certified and mailed or hand-delivered  to the petitioner and/or attorney.

***Reminder – Our office is prohibited from providing legal advice. You may contact the Northern Kentucky Bar Association (Lawyer Referral Service) @ (859781-1525 or for Civil Cases Legal Aid of the Bluegrass (Civil Legal Assistance) @ (859) 431-8200, or for Criminal Cases the Public Defender’s Office 1-833-385-6054 or contact a private attorney.  There is also a FREE Legal Help Center on the 2nd floor of the Justice Center on Wednesdays from 11 am until 2 pm.