• Involuntary treatment proceedings include proceedings for 60/360 days of treatment for an individual, including juveniles, suffering from alcohol or other drug abuse (Casey’s Law).
  • There is no filing fee. Please note you will be responsible for all costs incurred for treatment, examination and transportation.
  • This process begins at THE KENTON COUNTY ATTORNEY’S OFFICE 1840 Simon Kenton Way Covington, KY 41011. Phone: 859-491-0600.
  • All rights guaranteed by KRS Chapter 202A and 210 to involuntary hospitalized mentally ill persons shall be guaranteed to a person ordered to undergo treatment for alcohol and other drug abuse. KRS 222.430.

Casey’s Law Petition Forms:

Verified Petition for 60/360 Day Involuntary Treatment (Alcohol/Drug Abuse) AOC-700A

Personal Identifier Data Sheet AOC-034

Certification of Qualified Health Professional

All cases also require a Civil Case Cover Sheet which can be found here.

Information requested to complete Casey’s Law petition:

  • Respondent’s (person in need of treatment) name and complete address, social security number, date of birth, and name of two qualified health care professionals for evaluation of respondent.  By the first court appearance, the court will require that you provide the name and address of the treatment facility/detox center.


All involuntary treatment proceedings and records are confidential.  They are open to the petitioner and respondent, respondent’s parents or legal guardian, spouse, or nearest relative or friend of the respondent, if named in the petition.  A court order is required for other individuals seeking access to the case file.

***Reminder – Our office is prohibited from providing legal advice. You may contact the Northern Kentucky Bar Association (Lawyer Referral Service) @ (859781-1525 or for Civil Cases Legal Aid of the Bluegrass (Civil Legal Assistance) @ (859) 431-8200, or for Criminal Cases the Public Defender’s Office 1-833-385-6054 or contact a private attorney.  There is also a FREE Legal Help Center on the 2nd floor of the Justice Center on Wednesdays from 11 am until 2 pm.