An expungement is the process of removing a charge or charges from an individual’s official state performed background checks.

Please read carefully as expungement process has recently changed.

  • Filing Fees are as follows for EACH CASE SOUGHT TO BE EXPUNGED:
    • $100 for AOC 496.2 (Petition for Expungement for Misdemeanor, Violation, or Traffic Infraction Conviction)
    • $300 for AOC 496.3 (Application to Vacate and Expunge Felony Conviction)
    • There is no filing fee if you are filing AOC 497.2 (Petition for Expungement for Acquittal, Dismissal with Prejudice, or Failure to Indict), AOC 275.18 (Motion for Expungement of Emergency/Temporary Order of Protection), or AOC JV-30 (Petition for Expungement of Juvenile Record).

**If your petition/application is denied, the filing fee minus $50 may be refunded to you.

  • More information on expungements can be found on the Court of Justice Website.

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