A dissolution of marriage or divorce is filed in the Family Court Division of Circuit Court.  There are not AOC forms available for use when filing for dissolution of marriage.

There is a filing fee.  There is an additional fee for service of process depending on the service method you choose.

When filing for dissolution you must follow the local Family Court Rules of Procedure and Practice.

For Kentucky Court of Justice Divorce Education
It is required that a Vital Statistics Form VS-300 is presented upon filing for dissolution. The following are Vital Statistics requirements:
• Signature must be in black or blue.
• All information must be typed.
• All blocks must be completed except block 17 and the bottom portion. These areas are for clerk use only.
• No white out or stray marks.

For information regarding Legal Aid of the Bluegrass divorce assistance.

You may find this link helpful:
Cabinet for Health and Family Services – Child Support Enforcement 

Additional Forms

Civil Summons

Appointment of Warning Order Attorney

Status Quo Order

Preliminary/Final Disclosure

Simplified Disclosure Statement

Acknowledgement of Disclosure

Affidavit of No Change in Circumstances

Finding of Facts/Conclusions of Law

Notice of Relocation

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